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If you’re not ready to outsource billing services, our company can set you up with state-of-the-art Practice Management Software. We can train and support your staff on the entire software. MedOffice is priced with great value!

MedOffice Overview | Medical Billing Software

MedOffice® – The True Medical Billing Application for a Professional Business

ClaimTek features the most modern, comprehensive and professional medical billing software system on the market today. Our MedOffice® Practice Management software was designed to handle the billing functions for all types of specialties with ease. When you start a medical billing service it is important that you promote your business as using the most comprehensive, accurate, failsafe and feature-rich software on the market.

Here’s why MedOffice is your best choice if you intend to build a professional medical billing service that can respond to the needs of today’s fast-changing marketplace.


When you start marketing your services, you don’t know what type of specialty may be your first client. You need to be able to handle any specialty that comes your way. Later when you’re up and running, you can choose to focus on specific specialties if you prefer to do so. But when you are first starting, you need to be confident that you can do billing for any specialty that hires you.

For example, many web-based systems cannot handle both the CMS-1500 and the CMS-1450 insurance forms as well as billing for specialties like Dental and DME (Durable Medical Equipment).


MedOffice® was built with the latest technologies. It was designed based on Microsoft.NET framework along with the powerful MS SQL 2005 database engine and Crystal reports! What does this mean? It means a feature-rich solid performance for the future of your business! MedOffice® features an attractive interface with colorful graphics, beautiful icons, and easy navigation that makes it so easy for you to work from your home office or through remote access from anywhere in the world!


MedOffice is one of the first medical practice management programs to be HIPAA compliant, meaning that it contains every required security technology to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of patient records. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that doctors will worry about you having their patient data on your computer, even at home. HIPAA compliant means that their data is secure and impenetrable, unlike some web-based system that can actually be hacked.

Furthermore, MedOffice is already set up to accept the new National Provider Identification that every doctor must begin using. Many other medical billing programs are not.


ClaimTek’s MedOffice® software is the MOST advanced medical billing program for use in a professional medical billing business. MedOffice® performs every function that a professional biller needs. It can generate insurance forms, submit claims electronically, and prepare valuable claims submission tracking and follow-up financial reports for your providers. MedOffice® simplifies the claims filing process and ensures accuracy in medical claims filing and patient billing.

In addition to processing claims, MedOffice® medical billing software allows you to provide a range of additional services for your medical clients including: printing and mailing patient statements, posting receivables to popular accounting programs (such as QuickBooks), generating referring physician analysis reports, performing soft collections, tracking and comparing managed care payments with fee schedules, outputting patient and insurance “aging” reports (which show unpaid claims), creating sophisticated practice management reports for your providers, producing mailing labels, creating and updating management and financial reports — and much more!


The hottest trend in medicine today is Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Doctors are finally recognizing that they need to abandon their old habits of keeping paper records for every patient and convert to using EMR. EMR software offers substantial savings in time, efficiency, accuracy and money for medical offices. EMR systems allow doctors to write up their patient histories and patient notes right when the patient is there, avoiding costly medical transcription and lost time on nights and weekends dictating notes. EMR reduces the volumes of paper files and charts that overflow doctor’s offices and that often get easily lost. EMR also ensures more accurate patient charting, as Medicare will not pay claims when a doctor’s handwriting is so sloppy that it cannot verify the patient records if there is ever a challenge to a claim.

If you use a web-based browser billing system you’re in trouble because EMR software does not coordinate with such systems. Doctors will react far more positively to your business when you can tell them that your software coordinates with their EMR software.

And even better, when you work with ClaimTek, you’ll become a distributor of EMR software because ClaimTek is the only company that has forged strategic alliances with two of the leading EMR software makers.


Some companies claim that Internet-based software takes the problem away from you to ensure that the software is updated on a regular basis. But think about – don’t you want to know when your software changes? Isn’t it smarter to know what types of changes are being made?

ClaimTek’s MedOffice ensures that you won’t have to worry about updates. We’ll tell you when we have a new update you might benefit from and we’ll help make sure it gets downloaded and installed on your computer if you are running a desktop setup. If you are running MedOffice on our server, we take care of the updates for you.

Modern Design | Medical Billing Software

MedOffice takes medical practice management software design to a new level!

We know that learning a new software program is often a time-consuming frustrating task. For this reason, our engineers spent months analyzing and designing MedOffice to be the easiest, most user-friendly program ever created for medical practices. Our software’s interface is attractive, easy-to-learn, and functional beyond comparison.

Because people are different, we offer each user multiple ways to access practice management functions; each user can chose how to do their job in ways that are comfortable for them.

Click here or image for more screen shots

We’ve also incorporated numerous state-of-the-art features, such as image scanning (insurance cards, picture IDs, x-rays, etc.), fast “jump-to” screens that let you go from one type of work to another quickly and effortlessly, and emailing from within the program.
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Data Entry | Medical Billing Software

Your entire office staff will find MedOffice easy to use and understand.
No one doubts that medical recordkeeping is one of the most confusing and challenging aspects of practice management. That’s why our engineers have worked hard to ensure that MedOffice guides users step-by-step through the vast amount of keyboarding that must get done to track patient records and file insurance claims. Try MedOffice and you will be surprised how easy data entry can be!
Screen | Medical Billing Software
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Our user interface makes it easy to collect and enter comprehensive patient information on one form, as shown in the screen shot here. We also programmed into the system the ability to create several insurance accounts, or cases, for a single chart, such as a patient who has both a regular account as well as a “car accident insurance case” or a Worker’s Comp insurance case because we know that new regulations require these to be stored together to avoid duplicating a patient chart for confidentiality reasons.

Every data entry screen in MedOffice medical billing software has been rigorously developed to enhance workflow and reduce errors when entering data.

Claims Entry | Medical Billing Software

With MedOffice, you enter claims with unrivaled ease and unsurpassed accuracy.

Our engineers consulted numerous doctors and professional medical billers to research and design a technically sound, intelligent, yet friendly claims entry module giving you the most comprehensive medical billing software available on the market today. Our screens take the guesswork out of this critical function, greatly reducing the possibility of claims being rejected based on missing or bad data

We also added many smart features to the claims entry window, such as color coding of critical data fields, one-click viewing of other open claims for the same patient, and fast toggling between views of the patient’s current balance, the insurance balance, or recent billing & statement data.

Given the importance of claims entry to your practice, we dedicated ourselves to making this module the best you can find anywhere.

Search Forms | Medical Billing Software

Rearrange search queries on the fly. Get instant results.
The search capability in MedOffice medical billing software is a feature that demanding users will appreciate. You can perform searches by grouping headers in different queries that cause the resulting report to be viewable in many different ways.

A/R Module | Medical Billing Software

MedOffice knows that there is nothing more vital to your business than keeping track of your payments. Screen | Medical Billing Software
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MedOffice medical billing software has the leading A/R module in the industry. Our engineers spent weeks designing and redesigning the operation of this critical practice management task. Our module simplifies the process of recording and applying insurance, patient, and capitation payments. Once any sum is entered, you can apply it directly to specific claims and charges. A clear display always shows you how much of the payment remains to be applied, so you can track with accuracy your receivables.

The main A/R screen also allows you to view a history of all payments and click through how each one was applied over multiple line items, so you can never lose track of a payment. And when a claim is completely paid from all sources (patient, primary insurance, secondary, etc.), you can mark it as Complete and MedOffice medical billing software will automatically calculate any remaining write-off.

All in all, the A/R Module is sure to handle your accounting needs and will help you finally take control over your receivables.

Electronic Medical Billing Software

Effortlessly Process Claims and Patient Statements! MedOffice makes it easy to perform electronic medical billing functions such as filing claims and patient statements electronically (and can also print them to paper) from this module. The main screen allows you to choose between filing claims or sending patient statements. Depending on which module you select, the screen displays the list of prior claims or statements processed. You can edit prior filing or add a new batch of claims quickly and easily. MedOffice’s electronic medical billing software functions are HIPAA-compliant. You can print the ANSI format or generate print image files. MedOffice allows you to track primary, secondary and tertiary claims with great precision.

Great Filtering Features! Using MedOffice’s electronic medical billing software functions, once you create a batch of claims you can choose to filter it further using a variety of easy-to-use filters: By billing #, dates, type of insurance, provider, patient …etc. You can file a single claim, or a large batch from the same date, or a batch to just one insurance company, or a batch for just one provider and so forth. Additionally, MedOffice’s electronic medical billing software module tracks your processed claims so you always know the status of each batch sent.

Statements | Medical Billing Software

MedOffice makes it easy to process patient statements from the same main console as claims processing. You can choose from over a dozen different patient statement designs ranging from simple to comprehensive layouts. MedOffice is the very best medical billing software available on the market.

Collections | Medical Billing Software

You can now customize unlimited number of patient letters for the purpose of collections, appeals, and correspondence with this comprehensive medical billing software. Flexible filters allow you to decide the range of patients, agings periods…etc. This feature can be found under Reports.


POS | Medical Billing Software

MedOffice enhances your ability to sell non-insurance products and services.

If your office sells non-insurance billable products and services directly to your patients, you will greatly appreciate MedOffice’s powerful Point-of-Sale tracking system – yet another feature that sets us apart from the crowd.

Our POS module keeps track of all your inventory, issues reminders to reorder when the inventory dips below any point you decide for each product, and prints valuable reports so you can assess each product’s sales history and profitability.

Another valuable feature of the POS module is the ability to sell a “series” or package of products or services. Then as the buyer uses up items, you can debit the account and fully track its usage.

Invoices and payments are handled outside of your regular A/R module, so you can maintain separate records from insurance claims. You can even accept credit card payments for this merchandise or services.


SuperBills | Medical Billing Software

Save time & money by creating your own superbills for each provider in your practice.

Our vision of assisting medical providers to the fullest extent possible with our medical billing software led us to create a useful superbill generator. This module lets you design your own superbills quickly and painlessly. You can begin with one of our preformatted standard designs — or you can custom design your own. We give you full control over the column arrangements, titles, headers and footers, procedure and diagnosis codes, and other superbill elements. Superbills can be printed individually or in batch for all scheduled appointments. The header includes all necessary patient and practice information. The footer includes areas for pricing and notes.

What’s more, each provider in your office can have a different superbill – or several with this comprehensive medical billing software. Printing superbills can be tied to each provider in a multi-specialty setup, so there’s never any confusion! Exceptions can also be handled, as a different superbill can be assigned to a patient at the time of making the appointment!

This module may be a small benefit of MedOffice, but it reflects the commitment we have to providing you with the best- designed medical practice management software available. Contact us for a quote on medical billing software.



Reporting | Medical Billing Software

Extensive Pre-Formatted Management Reports and a Powerful Custom Report Designer, too!

MedOffice provides you with extensive management reports like you probably have never seen before! Covering a wide range of practice management issues, MedOffice reports help assess the productivity, profitability, and direction of your practice. With the push of a button, you can produce extensive reports on topics such as accounts receivable, claims journals, co-pays in the system, insurance billings, insurance receipts, patient payments, patient portions, daily practice statistics, appointments and dozens more.MedOffice medical billing software comes standard with over 100 neatly-formatted reports and over 500 sub-reports! These reports put complete account details on every patient and insurance company at your finger tips!

With such up-to-date reports consistently available, you can make better decisions about the day-to-day and long-range performance of your practice! What’s unique about this feature is that you are able to generate updated reports anytime. The data in the system is updated with every transaction. There is no need to “close day”. What’s more, reports can be quickly exported to MS Excel (*.xls), MS Word (*.doc), Rich Text Format (*.rtf), Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) or as Crystal Reports (*.rpt). Isn’t it time you have total flexibility in managing your data?

In addition to the attractive and easy to read pre-formatted reports, MedOffice medical billing software allows you to design your own specific reports using a unique built-in Report Writer. You can design virtually any type of report for daily use or corporate management objectives including financial and business reports, letters, statements, narrative forms, and more!

Graphics | Medical Billing Software

MedOffice’s medical billing software’s sharp graphics allow you to intelligently assess key indicators of your practice.

We know how valuable up-to-the-minute status information is to a medical office. For this reason, we’ve ensured that MedOffice medical billing software creates the sharpest, clearest graphics in association with the most valuable reports that physicians desire when they want to assess their patient profitability, unpaid claims aging, and practice growth indicators. Our graphics are so informative and beautiful that you will find yourself requesting reports more frequently. Our graphics can literally help you regain control of your cash flow and learn more about your practice management style.



HIPAA | Medical Billing Software

MedOffice puts HIPAA compliance at your fingertips.
HIPAA compliance is no longer a choice. As a result, MedOffice comprehensive medical billing software incorporates all the critical HIPAA-related requirements:

• Application Log Off Timer
• Multi-Layer Password Security
• HIPAA Reports for Employees and Patients
• Audit Trail Analysis
• Medical Record Transfer Request Log

We have also included many critical HIPAA forms ready to use, so you can produce HIPAA-related documents for patients on demand. These HIPAA reports are dynamic in that they pull any outside information from your patient database. You can produce forms for one or several patients at a time.

Application Security & User Management:

To ensure the security and privacy of your patient and practice data, MedOffice medical billing software gives you full control over the level of access each user is authorized to have. You can limit each of your staff’s ability to see screens or change data on a person-by-person basis.



Scanning | Medical Billing Software

Get state-of-the-art digital integration of outside information into your MedOffice records.

In developing MedOffice medical billing software, we wanted to make sure we were on the cutting edge when it comes to using current technology. As a result, MedOffice allows you to append any outside digital file to a patient’s chart. This includes scanned documents such as driver’s license, insurance cards, etc., as well as photos, business cards, and audiovisual documents (such as a surgery video).

The benefits of this outstanding feature are significant:

  • Patient records become much more informative and complete.
  • Easily retrieve a wider range of data about the patient to review, print, or e-mail to others who need it.
  • Eliminate space-wasting paper files and clutter from your office.


Scheduling | Medical Billing Software

Sophisticated, Comprehensive & Modern Scheduler!

Scheduling patients is a snap! Easy-to-use patient scheduling screen shows instant availabilities and appointment openings! Staff can search for first openings, specific openings, force an appointment block, and even block out a range of times and dates. Plus, the medical billing software system allows no-show appointments to be documented and recall appointments to be tracked. Different schedule types for each day of the week can be customized for providers.

MedOffice also allows users to easily schedule multiple repetitive appointments for the same patient in advance. This function is particularly useful for some types of medical practices and clinics where patients are regularly seen at the exact same time on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

MedOffice’s Scheduler has many significant features:

  • The system allows physicians to forecast future earnings based on scheduled appointments!
  • You can quickly email appointment reminders (directly from within MedOffice) to patients scheduled on specific dates.
  • You can tie different superbills to different providers in a multi-specialty clinic, so that when you print out superbills for the days appointments, the correct one prints for each provider.
  • You can view the schedule for multiple resources at once.
  • You can view daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.
  • View appointment lists per provider and per patient. View appointment history as needed.
  • You can book appointments on a waiting list.

All in all, this outstanding scheduling system, brought to you by MedOffice medical billing software, meets the needs of today’s demanding medical offices.



Credit Card Processing Capabilities | Medical Billing Software

Process credit card payments from patients directly from within MedOffice. Credit card transactions can also automatically create entries into the Accounts Receivable module. This eliminates the double entry typically required if credit card processing is done outside the application. ClaimTek can help you get setup up as a credit card merchant in order to use this feature.



QuickBooks | Medical Billing Software

MedOffice ties right into the leading small business accounting program.

If you use QuickBooks for your other business practice accounting, you’ll appreciate the coordination that MedOffice offers you to post your A/R data right into QuickBooks! No other medical billing software has come this far in its attention to advanced functionality in professional practice management.

Our seamless integration is possible with QuickBooks versions 2003 and newer. For older version of QuickBooks, you can simply export the data to a file that QuickBooks will then import. Either way, MedOffice medical billing software will improve your ability to monitor your finances and maintain comprehensive records of your medical business.

Insurance | Medical Insurance Billing Software

MedOffice provides the features you need for today’s regulatory backup.

Our engineers integrated a dedicated word processor that allows you to create a narrative to be included as supporting evidence for a claim. Use our comprehensive medical billing software to file you next insurance claim.

We’ve also provided all the basic Certificates of Medical Necessity (CMNs) for billing Durable Medical Equipment (DME); you simply point and click to print one out.

Journals | Medical Billing Software

This feature allows your providers to create and track tasks for all personnel in their office. They can define a task, assign it to a person, keep track of its status toward completion, and keep records of completed tasks. MedOffice is a complete medical billing software for health care practicioners. It’s the most easy to use medical practice management software in the industry.

MedOffice’s journal feature allows providers to write a daily journal entry or import a file into the journal.

Email | Medical Billing Software

Email from within MedOffice!

You can email patients, doctors, insurance companies, or any contact in the address list directly from within the record. You can export all patient email addresses at once to MS Outlook and other email applications. What’s more, you can email appointment reminders to patients on the scheduler!

Import/Export | Medical Billing Software

MedOffice medical billing software allows you to export files to be used for further analysis with applications like Excel, Access, MS Word or another practice management program. The files are stored as “Comma Separated Values or CSV” data files. You can export the following data files:

Patient files
Insurance files
Guarantor list
3rd party addresses (such as lawyers, executors, etc.)
Billing/Payment codes
Diagnosis codes
Procedure codes
Patient email addresses
Patient Notes can also be exported to text or PDF files

Data-Import from CSV Files
Now you can easily import patient and insurance files from other medical practice management software that allow export of such data. MedOffice can also convert all data from the widely-user MediSoft (ver. 9 or older) & Lytec (ver. 2004 or older).

Data Transfers | Medical Billing Software

Occasionally you may need to start a fresh database for your practice (or establish multiple databases in case you are a billing service). MedOffice allows you to transfer many of the essential setup files to help you save time and effort in data entry. You can quickly transfer… diagnosis codes, procedure codes, fee schedules, insurance files, patient identifiers, patient types, alerts, referral codes, contacts, and recall reasons using our comprehensive medical billing software.


Code Import | Medical Billing Software

MedOffice medical billing software allows users to import procedure (CPT), diagnosis (ICD-9), HCPCS, and revenue codes (codes must be purchased separately from MedOffice). You can update your codes annually. The code import process updates the database without overwriting or duplicating codes. This is essential as your older codes may be attached to previous transactions that must continue to be stored. The code import process automatically goes through a process of verification to ensure total accuracy — another detail that raises MedOffice medical billing software above the competition!

Backup-Restore | Medical Billing Software

MedOffice stores all data for a practice (including patients, providers, insurance companies, fee schedules, claims, etc.) as a single unified database. This feature allows you to easily back up the full database on your hard drive to another drive to prevent irreplaceable data loss in the event of a crash or computer virus corruption. You can then easily restore the database, as needed. If you have several databases, MedOffice allows you to backup all in one single step saving you great deal of time!


S.O.A.P Notes | Medical Billing Software

Quickly create SOAP notes and re-use as templates. The patient information is automatically populated to save you time and effort. You can save as PDF documents for printing or emailing. You can also export SOAP reports to MS Word. A template for Encounter Document is also included in this medical billing software system.

HL7 / EMR | Medical Billing Software

Send and receive vital information between MedOffice and HL7-compliant EMR systems!

SydaLink is a seamless interface that bridges MedOffice’s practice management with HL7-compliant EMR systems such as MediNotes. Users can transfer patient and appointment records from MedOffice medical billing software to EMR and transfer claims information from EMR to MedOffice. Users have the choice to view and validate the transfer in SydaLink before committing to MedOffice or the EMR system.

Technology | Medical Billing Software

MedOffice medical billing software has many optional robust features. The following Advanced Modules are available…

Provide added security to you or your client’s system by making log-in require the user’s fingerprints!

Voice Dictation:
Medical billing software that allows you or the doctor to quickly dictate notes and add them to a patient’s record.

Time and Attendance:
This module allows you to keep track of precisely who has logged in and out of the system. It uses the software itself as a time record. The basic module is included, but a more comprehensive version is available.

Designed for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista Single user / Multi-user / Client Server Versions available
Enhanced Features | Medical Billing Software
Modern Graphical Interface
Practice Setup – Multiple practices allowed
Insurance Setup – Comprehensive
Patient Setup – Defaults can be set
Patient Quick Add — On-the-fly entry
Patient Setup – Multiple insurance cases
Customizable Lists and Terms
Maximum Visit & Coverage Amount tracked
Color-coded Patient Appointments
Patient Account Pop-Up Note Writer
Powerful Graphics
Multiple Fee Schedules
Credit Card Authorization within Program Multiple Keyboard Shortcuts
Advanced Search Capabilities
Pop-Up Calculator
Scrolling through Records
Multiple Active Windows
On-Line Context Sensitive Help
Delete Records / Undelete Records Capability
Color-coded Payments Tracking
Built-in HIPAA Reports
Multi-Level Password Protection
Full Integration with QuickBooks Accounting
Feature-Rich Patient / Provider Scheduler
Point of Sale inventory & sales tracking
for non-medical items sold
Electronic Claims Submission
Submits Claims to Several Clearinghouses
Direct-To-Carrier Electronic Claims Compatible Procedure & Diagnosis Code Verification
Claims Batch tracking